Case Studies

Below are some examples of the diverse range of companies we supply, where radios have benefitted their operations. We are always happy to offer our advice and put you in contact with our customers, to help you make an informed choice.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Construction

Procom are proud to say that we provided the radio system for the UK side during the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail link. We provided comprehensive radio communication for the entire length of the link from Dover to London. This project involved communication underground, through tunnels, and consisted of multiple Base Stations, Antenna Systems, Cabins, data transmissions and recording.

We completed phase 1 and phase 2 and this remains a project we are very proud of.

Education - Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities

Procom have provide a huge quantity of Walkie-Talkies to education institutes in the South East, from simple 2 radios talking from a field back to the office in the smaller schools, up to large systems involving base stations and multiple users often linking multiple campuses. Radios in this instance are used by teaching staff, groundsmen, caretakers, security staff and even for school plays and productions.

Heritage Sites

We are happy to provide radio communications to a number of National Trust sites in the South East, and well as Cathedrals, English Heritage, Trusts and places of interest. These environments are often set over acres of land and present issues with listing building constraints. Bespoke systems and internet linking are often installed. We are proud to be able to offer the experience and knowledge to overcome the potential issues larger areas can present to the customer. Please contact Procom to enquire about our Heritage/Trust/Charity discount scheme.


We work with a number of NHS hospitals and facility management companies where radios are invaluable to security, porters, catering and parking. Hospitals often present a problem due to the makeup of their buildings, for example radio signal can often be compromised near x-ray rooms. We have the experience to offer and overcome these potential problems. We continue to work alongside our hospitals to ensure that they have the level of service to support the demands that they face on a day to day basis.

Shopwatch and Town Safe System

Procom have provided Gravesend’s G-Safe radio system and Bexley's townsafe. Radios are used by all the shops in the town to communicate any shop lifting or suspicious behaviour, this system is linked to the local police and is essential for crime fighting and public safety in the town centres.

This same style of system can also be applied to pub watch partnerships, which include pubs, nightclubs and restaurants in town centres. These partnerships all benefit by being connected to the towns local cctv control rooms. This has proven to increase awareness and help with the safety of patrols, staff and security personnel.


We provide radios to many manufacturing companies ranging from paper manufacturers, metal refining, food production, beverage production the list is endless. It is important that we conduct conclusive surveys prior to the suggestion of a radio, environments play a key part in the decision of this.

We also supply and maintain a number of systems used in Energy companies, this equipment is very specialised and has to adhere in many cases to the ATEX specifications.

Atex (Intrinsically safe) Radios play an important part in many industries where standard radios are forbidden under health and safety ruling.

Leisure Centres, Training Facilities and Swimming Pools

We have provided radios to many Leisure Centres with radios for poolside use, management and security. There is a radio to suit every leisure centres size, some only require non-licensed box ready radios which we supply and other larger sites have licensed radios that are waterproof/submersible. Whatever the requirement Procom can find a radio to suit you.


Being situated near the River Thames, River Medway, Tilbury and Sheerness, we provide many companies within Ports with Equipment ranging from radios in forklift trunks, shunters and cranes using hands free operation where necessary.

We have provided (marine) ship to shore radios and sophisticated systems within various terminals. These sites require a lot of planning/ attention to detail. We continue to support our customer and feel it’s important to keep in regular contact to ensure that operationally they are getting the best out of there setup.

Waste Disposal and Recycling Centres

We provide communications for a number of recycling companies. Radio in this application can be for simple office to yard communication to radios installed in forklifts and or large earth moving machine and shovels. We have a number of site linked and mobile operations that we have programmed which allows the customer to keep in communication at all times.

Office Blocks and Tower Blocks

Modern buildings can present a challenge for radio communication as they may have been built using materials designed to screen wireless signals. We have gained considerable experience in the field and can offer practical solutions to provide the best radio coverage available. London is the best example of how we have had to find solutions due to make up of the building. We conduct extensive on site surveys to find the best possible solutions.

Tool and Plant Hire

We provide a number of plant hire companies with radios to accompany crews and equipment being hired out to third parties. This is usually covered by our own hire radios which have a recently been updated to Hytera Digital/Analogue Radios which are robust and lightweight.


Procom are please to supply a large number of prominent security companies with radios to cover simple site applications up to large buildings and event management. Security officers often work alone as night watchman and are at high risk, we endeavour to provide communication including Man Down and Lone Worker Alerts which are linked to control rooms to ensure officer safety. Patrol systems and covert accessories are also something we can offer to our customers.


Haulage companies require wide area coverage without the expense of mobile phones. Procom has dealt with local haulage companies for many years and have provided and installed radios give the customer a low cost communication solution.

Radios vary from simple radio to radio whilst out on the road to specialist bespoke systems that provide communication back to a main deport via an internet link.

Commuter Coaches

We have recently provided a sophisticated multi-site internet based radio system to a commuter coach company who run 70 plus coaches in and out of London every day. The radios are an essential part of their operation and we worked closely with them to ensure every requirement they had was met. We have recently implemented multi-site link with a big coach provider which has allowed them to communicate, convert speech to text linking them area to area, control room to coach via a bespoke interface. This has taken precision planning and we are delighted to be a part of a project like this.