Body Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras are proven to reduce conflicts, protect personal safety and help bring about more criminal prosecutions by providing video and audio evidence which are both encrypted and tamper-proof.

The ideal solution to store and share events captured in real time. The High Definition recording with clear speaker and sensitive microphone improves clarity and allows more efficient communication. Body worn cameras are small in size, lightweight, extremely sophisticated and oozing with advanced features -- which makes them very popular amongst staff in public services such as the police, prison, fire and ambulance.


The VM550 is the entry level Hytera RVM Bodycam offering a compact, rugged and lightweight option for capturing evidence accurately and effectively, whilst still boasting Full HD video capture and a number of other impressive features.


The VM550D offers all the rich features of the VM550 including Full HD video, with the added bonus of a 2” display allowing users to playback and review captured video instantly and Night Vision for use in low light environments.


The VM685 gives users more flexibility, with features including a 180° rotatable lens and powerful battery life supporting up to 8 hours continuous recording. The VM685 also increases security by incorporating 256 Bit Advanced Encryption.

Body Camera key features

One-touch record buttons

Video recording, voice recording and emergency calls, can be used quickly and easily with just one touch of a button.

Simple menu options

The simple and intuitive Menu navigation system will help you to perform tasks and alter settings to suit your individual needs.

long battery life

Powerful rechargeable batteries with long battery life will allow continuous recording for many hours.

Tough & Lightweight

Protection against the elements such as dust and water, they are small in size, robust and extremely portable.

covert mode

For undercover work or if you just want to use your device discreetly, put it into “silent mode” to remain undetected.

Body Camera Software

Industry standard digital body camera software used by organisations including Police Forces, Local Authorities, Security Services and many more worldwide.

Smart Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Smart MDM collects and stores digital evidence from the RVM's via Multi-Unit Charger. With intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), you can review, manage and share data simply and efficiently from your pc.

Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence Management platform collects and stores the digital evidence on a secure network. Easily find data by tagging an evidence file and find it later through a key word search. For extra data security, manage customised permissions to different users.

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