Hytera RD625 Compact, Wall-mountable DMR Repeater

Designed specifically to provide reliable radio coverage in buildings and large sites.

Why do we use repeaters?

Radio waves travel in straight lines. They can go around or through obstacles but quite often this affects the strength and clarity of the signal. When you are operating a radio system in an area which is built-up, hilly or mountainous -- this can cause significant problems. Even wide and flat environments can weaken the radio signal over long distances. Or worse, signal can be lost! So what is the solution? The solution is a repeater!.

So what is a repeater?

A Radio repeater (or base station) is used in two way radio communication to enhance radio signal in built-up environments or over wide areas. A radio repeater is a piece of equipment which combines radio receiver technology and radio transmitter technology in one device. Therefore, it is a radio transceiver and radio transmitter at the same time. Digital radio repeaters can be linked together (using IP technology) so that multiple sites can be connected with each other.

How does a repeater work?

Modern day buildings consisting of thick glass, steel structures, LED lighting and high occupancy levels will often cause signal issues for radios being used in ‘simplex’ mode (back to back with no system) are easily lost. To overcome this common scenario a repeater re-transmits the signal at a higher power so it can cover greater distances.

The Hytera RD625 operates in digital or analogue mode to improve your communication range.


The Hytera RD625 Repeater is both an analogue and digital dual mode system which can accommodate many different models of radio. The RD625 is small and compact and easily mountable on a wall or unit for extra stability and convenience. This popular repeater comes with a wide range of useful accessories. It is regarded as one of the most advanced yet easy to use pieces of radio equipment on the market.

The Hytera RD625 Repeaters flexible wide area and large building coverage is one of its key features where multiple sites (both indoor and outdoor) can be connected using IP links. The RD625 excels due to clear voice communication and reliable data transfer which makes it an ideal choice in the retail industry, hospitality sector and various types of educational establishment.

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