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Walkie Talkies for Bonfire Night 

The 5th November is the busiest weekend of the year for radio hire. Remember to order your TWO WAY HIRE RADIOS early to avoid disappointment. 
At the heart of any firework display and bonfire event is the need for stringent safety measures, where the role of clear, immediate communication cannot be overstated. Walkie-talkie radios are essential for enabling organisers and stewards to maintain contact, thereby ensuring the event is managed safely and efficiently. 
Please give us a call to talk through your requirements, so we can recommend an affordable solution that suits your event setting. 

Walkie-Talkie Radios for Your Firework Display 

Deciding on the right walkie-talkie involves considering several key factors tailored to your specific needs. Give us a call so we can advise which two-way radio would best suit your firework event. 
Enhanced Communication: Our walkie-talkies come equipped with earpiece/microphones to ensure that all communications are clear and uninterrupted, critical in noisy environments. 
Extended Battery Life: We provide spare battery packs so that your team never faces a blackout at a crucial moment, ensuring continuous operation throughout the event. 
Ease of Use: All our radios are supplied in leather cases with carry straps, making them easy and comfortable to carry around large event spaces. 
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Plan Ahead to Ensure Availability 

Given that Bonfire Night is the busiest time of the year for radio hire, we encourage you to book your equipment well in advance. This foresight will secure the necessary tools to help your event run smoothly and safely. 

Contact Procom Today 

Ready to secure your communication equipment for Bonfire Night? Contact Tina, our dedicated Hire Coordinator, at 01474 322244 or email With Procom’s reliable equipment and expert advice, you can focus on delivering a safe and memorable event for everyone involved. 
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