The Best Walkie Talkie for Your Needs 

Which Walkie Talkie Radio is best for your needs? 
Whether you're looking for a basic entry-level radio or a device packed with advanced features and functionality, Procom has options that will suit every user. The following reviews are some of our best-selling models from Hytera, however, we understand that each two-way radio need is unique. At Procom, we offer a wide range of two-way radios to ensure you find the perfect fit for your specific requirements, whether you need a basic model or a device with advanced features. 
Please give us a call to talk through what is best for your company, there's no pressure or obligation, we are always happy to have a chat. 

How to Decide Which Walkie-Talkie is Right? 

Deciding on the right walkie-talkie involves considering several key factors tailored to your specific needs. Start by assessing the environment in which the device will be used, use this as a guide but if you need to discuss your two-way radio requirements give one of our team a call today. 

Construction & Facilities Management 

If you're in large, open spaces like construction sites or extensive facilities, look for two way radios with a long-range and robust build.  

Security or Event management 

For industries like security or event management, features such as "Man Down" alarms and emergency buttons are crucial for ensuring worker safety. Additionally, evaluate the battery life needed based on the length of use during shifts and decide whether digital capabilities are necessary to future-proof against changes in communication technology.  
Finally, consider the ease of use and whether your team needs devices with simple functionalities or advanced programming capabilities. By carefully considering these aspects, you can select a walkie-talkie that effectively meets your communication and operational requirements. 
If you're uncertain about which two way radio to choose, feel free to contact Procom. Our team specialises in two-way radio communications and can provide guidance on the best options for value and functionality according to your needs. 
Here is some two-way radio product information to help you decide: 

The Hytera PD405 Radio The Perfect Two-Way Radio for Smaller Businesses 

We highly recommend the Hytera PD405 Radio, a robust and reliable two-way radio that's perfectly suited for smaller-sized businesses. This model is an excellent choice for those who need straightforward communication without the complexities of additional features. 
One of its standout features is the ability to operate on both analogue and digital signals. This dual capability is essential for future-proofing your device, especially with the expected phase-out of analogue channels by Ofcom. 
The PD405 is designed to function efficiently on a "Back To Back" system, which allows for direct communication over short distances without the need for any external boosters. If extended coverage is required, the radio also supports booster use. It provides flexibility with both UHF and VHF options and includes 16 channels. 
Businesses have the choice between using a single charger or opting for bank chargers, which can charge up to six batteries at once. Durability is a prominent feature of the PD405. With over 200 units in our hire fleet consistently demonstrating reliability and popularity, it has proven to be a sound investment and a favoured choice amongst our customers over many years. 

The Hytera HP605 The Ideal Solution with Enhanced Features for Larger Operations 

For environments such as office buildings, stadiums, industrial units and manufacturing plants, the Hytera HP605 stands out as the ideal two-way radio solution. 
This model seamlessly integrates both analogue and digital channel capabilities and features the latest in sound quality enhancements. Its lithium polymer battery is designed for extended life, which is essential during long shifts where charging facilities may not be readily available. 
The HP605 is both lightweight and sleek, featuring a user-friendly single line LED Display. It is available with options for either single chargers or more efficient 6-way bank chargers. 
Safety is a priority with the HP605, which includes essential safety features such as "Lone Worker" and "Man Down" alarms. These are vital for employees working in isolation or in potentially hazardous conditions. When activated, these features send an alarm to the Hytera HP685, the full-display keypad version of this radio, ensuring rapid communication and immediate response in any emergency situation. 
Which bring us onto our next recommendation... 

Hytera HP685 Well-suited for Customer-facing Staff and Larger Companies 

The Hytera HP685 retains all the capabilities of the HP605 and enhances them with a 1.8-inch, 6-row display for superior usability. This model is particularly well-suited for customer-facing staff, offering an easy-to-use interface that helps staff to remain focused on their work and customer service, thereby boosting productivity and efficiency. 
Key features of the HP685 include: 
Small and Light in Style:  
Designed for ease of handling and comfort, making it ideal for extended use
Uncompromising Clear Audio:  
Ensures crystal clear communication, even in noisy environments. 
Extended Coverage:  
Provides reliable communication over greater distances. 
Powerful Battery:  
Supports long-lasting performance, crucial for full workdays without access to charging. 
This advanced model is equipped to receive emergency calls from other radios, a critical feature for immediate response in crisis situations. Additionally, it allows users to select channels and make individual calls to other users, offering a high degree of flexibility and control in communication management.  
This makes the HP685 an excellent choice for environments requiring robust, responsive, and highly interactive communication tools. 
Please give us a call to talk through what is best for your company, no pressure, no obligation, we are always happy to have a chat. 

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