Introducing the Hytera HP795Ex ATEX, the latest in safe communication for hazardous areas. Replacing the Hytera PD795Ex, which has been discontinued in March 2024. 
Hytera has announced the launch of the Hytera HP795Ex ATEX, a groundbreaking addition to Procom's portfolio of communication solutions designed specifically for hazardous environments. As the successor to the revered PD795Ex ATEX, the HP795Ex ATEX is not merely an evolution - it's a revolution in safety, reliability and communication efficiency.  
This new generation means that we'll be saying goodbye to the PD795Ex ATEX in March 2024. It's the close of one chapter and the exciting start of another in our journey with ATEX-rated communication from Hytera. Get in touch with us today to order this highly rated DMR radio today. 
Designed to meet rigorous explosion-proof standards, this new DMR promises dependable and secure communication solutions tailored for sectors like oil and gas, fire rescue, airports, manufacturing and other areas of engineering. 


The HP795Ex represents Hytera's latest advancement in intrinsically safe DMR radios, boasting a design that prioritises safety, ergonomics all in a nice sturdy robust shell. This DMR is engineered to provide crystal-clear audio quality and extended battery life as well as offering reliable long-distance communication capabilities. Meeting the rigorous IECEx explosion-proof standards, this radio is equipped with international certifications, making it an ideal choice for industries like oil and gas, fire rescue, airports and manufacturing. 

Authoritative IS Certifications 

IECEx/ATEX Certified: The HP795Ex has passed thorough testing by globally recognised certification organisations, ensuring a reduced risk of accidents and enhanced safety for users and operators. 

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Key Features of the Hytera HP795Ex 

Clear and Loud Voice Quality 

2W High-Power Speaker: Amplifies audio for clearer, louder output. 
Advanced Audio Technologies: Integrates AI noise reduction, AGC and more to isolate background noise and enhance voice clarity. 

Extended Coverage 

2W TX Power: Expands coverage area, ensuring critical information reaches even the most remote areas, thus reducing communication blind spots and facilitating rapid response. 

Rocksolid & Long-lasting Battery 

Safety Design: Incorporates a high-grade battery protection board and a battery lock to prevent sparks if dropped. 
Intelligent Battery: Uses a large-capacity IS battery combined with power-saving technology, optimising standby power consumption for prolonged communication. 

Wider Range of Operation Temperature 

-25°C to 60°C Operational Range: Crafted with new explosion-proof materials and an advanced design, the HP795Ex IIC variant can perform under extreme temperatures in hazardous areas. 

Summary of the Hytera HP795Ex 

For those in certain industries where safety and communication cannot be compromised, the Hytera HP795Ex offers an unmatched solution. With its superior voice clarity, extended coverage and robust safety features, it's designed to meet the most challenging demands. 

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This device isn't just a radio - it's a lifeline for those who face hazardous environments an a daily basis, it's cleverly thought out design and features ensure that: 
every message is clear 
every response is timely 
every worker is protected 
With its globally recognised certifications and state-of-the-art technology, the HP795Ex stands as a testament to Hytera's commitment to providing solutions that meet the critical demands of various different industries.  
Discover more about the HP795Ex's specifications and how it can cater to your communication needs. 

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