3/4G LTE (Push to talk over cellular) -Two Way Radio System

Providing group communications across a widely distributed workforce proves to be a challenge for many businesses and organisations.

Common questions asked are how can I convey the same message to all my staff members swiftly and effectively? How can I set up an efficient communications system without it costing the earth? In many cases, a DMR communications system is an ideal solution. The problem arises when all or some operatives are outside the range of a DMR network! The answer to all your questions and prolems could be a Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) radio system.

What is a Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) radio system?

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) radio system allows you to connect your two-way radio over a 4G/LTE network -- providing licence free nationwide communication. The PoC radio system is an instantaneous high-quality full duplex process that uses roaming technology over a pre-established cellular network which eradicates the need for a repeater or IP network and significantly reduces the cost of building and maintaining a wide area radio network.

Push To Talk Over Cellular Network Radio with Full-Duplex Communication

The LTE/PoC Radio System supports group call where three or more people are connected. In case of emergency, you can break into an on-going call to transmit an important message. Unlike a mobile phone, there is no need to dial numbers; you simply push the button to speak to your desired user or group. In addition, you can also include full duplex conversation where multiple users can initiate calls respectively, without interfering with each other.

Push To Talk Over Cellular Network Radio System (PoC) key features

Secure Network

A wonderful advantage of a PoC radio system is that it is a closed private LTE network totally separate from the internet so users can benefit from a high level of security when communicating with each other.

Cost Effective

A PoC radio system allows you to be in full control over how much you spend. Just like regular mobile phone usage, a monthly contract provides a flexible way of financing your radio system and there’s no initial financial outlay on handsets and infrastructure..

Greater Connectivity

With the help of a Gateway (available soon), the IP501H PoC system will provide interoperability with an IP phone, analogue transceiver, IDAS digital transceiver and IP100H wireless LAN network systems. In addition, GPS positional data can be displayed on a dispatcher.

With a simple push of a button -- PoC can transform your business radio network!

  • Clear high-quality audio.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and GPS (Gateway device required for GPS data will be available in the near future).
  • Individual, group and all calls.
  • Emergency button and emergency related features including man down and lone worker functions.

  • Vibration alert feature which notifies of incoming calls.
  • Text message reception and pre-programmed message transmission.
  • Address book where up to 500 designations can be stored in the device memory (including group, individual, talk group and telephone lists).
  • Voice message recording.

Push To Talk Over Cellular Network Radio Dispatcher Manager

Available soon is the PoC Dispatcher Manager which will allow a designated person to monitor and keep in touch with their team from a personal computer (PC). Software will enable radio traffic recordings to be logged and stored for future use.

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