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Below you can see our ATEX radios at a glance.

We have also provided information including specifications and features on each of our ATEX radios.

Intrinsically Safe radios or more commonly known within the industry as ATEX radios are used in specific environments/industries where there is a potential risk of fire, explosions, or areas where you tend to have a hazardous environments.

Flammable gases, vapours or combustible dust can all increase the chance of an explosion or fire if the correct radio equipment is not used. It is very important that an assessment of a working environment is considered when using a standard two way radio. All intrinsically safe radios undergo strict testing procedures to ensure health and safety requirements have been met , they should be certificated and are identifiable with the marking of ‘EX’.

We can also offer a number of intrinsically safe (ATEX) accessories such as remote speaker microphones, headsets and earpieces.

Hytera PD715 Ex / PD795 Ex

Hytera PD715 Ex / PD795 Ex intrinsically safe hand portable radio. Dual mode hand portable radio available in UHF and VHF frequency bands. Display and non-display options.

Extremely rugged, designed to be used in extreme conditions where there is a potential hazard and the user is at risk due to their environment. Designed with big buttons so the user can continue operating whist wear protective gloves, its IP67 rating help prevents water damage (one metre submersion up to 30 minute). Crystal clear colour display that can still be seen even in the brightest of environments.

This radio comes with an intelligent alarm system that notifies the user if he/she has applied the wrong battery/accessories to the radio. An anti-static outer casing prevents the radio from sparking, special plastic technology isolates the internal circuits from outside dust and gas.

This radio is perfect for the specialist environments where standard radios should not be used.

Hytera PD715 Ex / PD795 Ex

Motorola DP4401 / DP4801 (with display)

The DP4401/DP4801(Display) Ex ATEX is a intrinsically safe two way hand portable radio with voice/data communications and integrated GPS. It boasts lots of features including crystal clear audio, Intelligent Audio and customisable voice announcements.

The DP4401 Ex is easy to use, has up to 32 channel capacity with three programmable buttons. The radio comes as standard with an emergency button, man down and lone worker function. Featuring a IP67 specification allowing submersion of up to 1 metres of water for 30 minutes. Ideal for specific environments where standard radios are not permitted.

Motorola DP4401 / DP4801 (with display)

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