Radio Hire

Need a hire radio for a forthcoming activity or event? We can provide you with a customised and reliable radio hire service for periods of one day up to 12 months.

Procom are proud to be able to offer new Digital/Analogue Equipment on the recently upgraded hire fleet. We offer both short term hires and longer term rental agreements.

Hire is especially useful for existing radio users who require a specific term, an example would be a planned maintenance shut for a week or a weekend event. All hire radios can be programmed to work with your existing radio fleet in both analogue or digital modes. If the radios are to be added to an existing fleet, we would require a copy of your current Ofcom License.

As well as our standard digital radio hire we can also offer to our customers Intrinsically Safe radios or more commonly known within the industry as ATEX.

Non-licensed radios cannot be used with any of our licensed radios. We can also supply signal boosting systems (repeaters) on our hire frequencies- Please contact our office for further details regarding systems.

All hire radios typically come with radio, spare battery, protective leather cases and charging docks. Hire radios are commonly used for events such as Festivals, Shows, Theatre productions, Fetes, Horse Shows, Exhibitions, Fireworks displays to name just a few. We can offer this service for one day or up to 12 months.

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Radios for hire

If you would like more information, please contact our Hire Department on 01474 322244.

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