The Federation of Communication Services, FCS, is the trade association representing the companies involved in the many forms of electronic communication in use today.

Originally formed in by the Two Way Radio industry in 1980 it has grown to encompass fixed line, internet and mobile communications.

It is recognised by Government departments and Regulatory Agencies as the voice of the many SMEs that make up the communication community.

With the increasing demands for spectrum from many other services the FCS works closely with the spectrum regulator, Ofcom, to ensure the services provided by the members can have access to the radio channels needed to meet the growing demand.

The FCS also works closely with the Ofcom Enforcement group to encourage good engineering practice thus helping to maximise the efficient use of spectrum and providing optimum re-use of the valuable radio channels. The FCS also support the Enforcement group in their efforts to locate and remove un-licenced and illegal use of spectrum.

The Federation of Communication Services

An important part of the FCS services is the provision, updating and support of a series of Codes of Practice.

Two important ones for project specifiers are:

FCS1331 - Radio Site Engineering.
FCS 1362 - Installation in Motor Vehicles 2016.

To support good engineering practice the FCS has two schemes of accreditation.

FITAS – For vehicle installers who wish to work with Blue Light organisations, Critical National Infrastructure and specialist vehicles e.g. Petrol Tankers.
SEAS – For Radio Site Engineering Accreditation.

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