Private Mobile Radio

PMR or Private Mobile Radio offer a two-way communication service, permitting users to talk either over a short distance on a simple local system or up to nation wide on a complex system.

Digital Mobile Radio

DMR or Digital Mobile Radio offers the same as PMR but on the newer Digital equipment which gives clearer, crisper communication, as they are designed to help eliminate background noise which can cause interference.

PMR and DMR give instant communication by the Press To Talk feature and can be provided with a wide range of accessories, to offer hands free operations, easy listening, carry cases etc.

This type of radio system would typically be used by manufacturing companies in all sectors, retail outlets, historic buildings, heritage sites, golf clubs, transport companies, construction, security, hotels, the list is endless.

Both PMR and DMR channels are regulated by Ofcom and every user must have an Ofcom licence to operate this type of radio, with the exception of licence free DMR/PMR446 (see below). As part of our service Procom will make the application for your licence and also administer it when it is due for renewal, which is either every year or every five years depending on the type of licence.

Please go to our Ofcom page for more information on the type of licences or call our office for more information.

Licence Free – (PMR 446)

Licence Free radios (known in the trade as PMR 446) can be a very cost effective solution for customers who require a low powered simple radio without the need for a Ofcom users license. In our experience these radios are best suited for environments such as small schools, small areas within leisure centres, warehouses and yards.

We are proud to offer a range to cover all requirements and budgets, the lowest price being a twin-pack , giving you two radios, a dual pocket charger and two earpieces. There are many models of license free radios that can cater for the more robust environment. Please contact us for all available makes and models.

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