We provide reliable two way radio communication services to a number of NHS hospitals and healthcare facilities in Kent and the South East.  

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any healthcare facility. Procom Communication Services offers a comprehensive solution for these communication needs with our two-way radio hire services.We are proud to provide radio communication to a number of NHS hospitals throughout the South East. 

Two Way Radios for Healthcare & Hospitals 

Two Way Radios for  Healthcare & Hospitals 

For Reliable Communication Between Healthcare Staff 

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, various teams must work together efficiently, often across multiple locations. Our two-way radio hire services bolster this effort, providing quick, effective communication that significantly enhances patient care 
At Procom Communication Services, we understand and appreciate the immense effort that hospital staff contribute every day to provide patients with prompt and top-notch care. We see two-way radios as crucial tools that streamline these daily operations, making the hard work of these committed teams even more effective. 

Procom and the NHS 

We're honoured to support numerous NHS hospitals throughout the South East with our reliable radio communication services. Our radios play a vital role in the hands of a wide range of healthcare professionals - from porters and caterers to car park attendants, security teams, ward managers, and night staff. 

Versatile and Practical Two Way Communication 

Our two-way radios come equipped with a wide range of programming options to meet the rigorous demands of a healthcare environment. Key functions like Emergency Call are not only practical but vital in critical situations, offering enhanced safety for both staff and patients. Integration with door entry systems bolsters security, while compatibility with fire alarm panels assists in efficient evacuations. Additional safety features, such as Man Down and Lone Worker Alerts, deliver an extra layer of protection, providing comprehensive and practical communication solutions for your staff. 

Two Way Radios Vital Communication for Healthcare Facilities 

Two Way Radios for  Vital Communication for Healthcare Facilities 

Modern hospital buildings are often sprawling multi-story structures, which can pose unique challenges in establishing effective two-way radio systems. These complex environments may necessitate solutions such as Repeater Base Stations, Antenna Systems, or even POC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular). At Procom, we take pride in delivering the right system for specific healthcare environmental needs. 
Our radio systems are designed to facilitate communication within and between various groups. Whether it's porters needing to interact amongst themselves, or with security and nurses, our two-way radios ensure seamless communication. They also equip your security team with the ability to issue an “all call” for swift building evacuations. 
Moreover, our radios can be integrated with door entry systems and fire alarm panels, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of any healthcare facility, be it a healthcare surgery or hospital 
Contact us to find out how we can help you. 

Healthcare Two Way Radio  Why Choose Procom? 

Healthcare Two Way Radio Why Choose Procom? 

Procom's two-way radios can help to: 
Ensure health & safety of patients, staff, and visitors 
Streamline access control for visitors and deliveries 
Enhance patient care efficiency 
Reduce A&E waiting time 
Bolster on-site security 
Facilitate on-site paging for swift staff call 
Improve asset management 
Enhance emergency communications 
Our equipment offers inter-site communications, wide-area paging, text messaging, automatic notifications, Caller ID and panic/emergency call functions, telephone interconnect, and coverage enhancement equipment. 

Short-Term Radio Hire Service 

Short-Term Radio Hire Service 

For a flexible radio hire service, that is easy for you to adapt to any changes choose Procom Communication Services. We provide effective, secure, and tailored two-way radio solutions in Kent and the South East. And we are here to support your commitment to exceptional patient care. 
To discuss your unique needs and find the ideal radio solution, give us a call on: 01474 322 244 
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