At Procom Radios, we have a proud history of supplying top-of-the-line two-way radios and walkie-talkies to Leisure Centres across the UK. 

Our experience spans across a multitude of leisure facilities including outdoor areas like football and rugby pitches, gyms, and even swimming pools. We have a profound understanding of two way radio systems for the Leisure industry and how they can benefit the demands of a busy team, ensuring robust and reliable communication solutions meet your centre's demands. 

Two Way Radios for  Leisure Centres in Kent, London & the South East 

Waterproof Radios for Leisure Centres in Kent, London & the South East 

Waterproof Radios for Swimming Pools 

Swimming pools are notorious for being harsh environments for radio equipment. With the constant risk of submersion and the humid conditions, most conventional radios simply aren't up to the task. However, after years of practical experience, we confidently recommend the Entel DX4 range as an exceptional waterproof solution. 

Seamless Communication for Outdoor Playing Fields 

Outdoor playing fields necessitate effective communication among pitchside support staff. Whether for regular use or for managing large tournaments, our radios provide the essential link between pitch and pavilion. We offer a flexible hiring service for bigger events, ensuring you're always well-equipped to handle any situation. 

Bridging Communication Gaps in Indoor Sports Facilities 

Football and rugby pitches require efficient communication to effectively manage matches, practice and training sessions and events. The nature of these fast-paced sports, coupled with the unique acoustic environment of indoor pitches, requires the use of reliable and clear communication tools. Our high-quality radios are designed to meet these demands, ensuring seamless coordination among coaches, officials, and support staff.  

Two Way Radios Overcoming Noise Challenges in Gyms 

Two Way Radios for  Overcoming Noise Challenges in Gyms 

Gyms present a unique noise challenge due to the constant hum of machines and music. To ensure clear communication, we provide radios equipped with basic earpieces or noise-cancelling headsets for extremely noisy environments. 
These solutions ensure your staff can communicate clearly and efficiently, even in the midst of the gym's lively atmosphere. With our products, you can ensure that your gym operations run smoothly, and all safety communications are heard loud and clear. 
Moreover, the use of our two-way radios and walkie-talkies in gyms helps in better coordination amongst staff, particularly during peak hours or emergencies. This ensures an optimal flow of information, quick response times and overall, a safer and more efficient operational environment.  
With Procom Radios, you'll be able to deliver an improved experience for both your team and gym members. Contact us to find out how we can help you. 

Leisure Centre Two Way Radio  Why Choose Procom? 

Leisure Centre Two Way Radio Why Choose Procom? 

Industry Experience: Our expertise covers a wide variety of facilities, including football and rugby pitches, gyms, and swimming pools. We understand the unique demands of the leisure industry and the role of two-way radio systems in supporting busy teams. 
Tailored Solutions: We offer robust, reliable and practical communication solutions tailored to meet your centre's specific needs. Our range of products ensures clear and efficient communication in various environments, from the liveliness of gyms to the tranquility of swimming pools. 
Superior Quality Products: We supply high-quality, durable radios capable of withstanding challenging conditions. For example, our Entel DX4 range offers a waterproof solution for swimming pools, ensuring longevity even in humid environments. 
Effective Noise Management: Our radios come equipped with basic earpieces for average noise levels and noise-cancelling headsets for extremely noisy environments, ensuring your staff can communicate clearly and efficiently, irrespective of ambient noise. 
Safety and Efficiency: The use of our two-way radios improves safety and operational efficiency in your leisure centre. They facilitate quick response times, optimise information flow, and ultimately contribute to a better experience for your team and members. 
Reliable Support: Procom provides ongoing support and advice to help you get the most out of your radio systems. Our customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries or issues. 
Choose Procom Radios for reliable, practical and effective communication solutions in your leisure centre. Give us a call today to find out how we can enhance your operations. 

Better Communication for Leisure Centres & Sports Facilities 

Better Communication for Leisure Centres & Sports Facilities 

Don't let communication barriers hinder your team's performance or your facility's operation. Whether it's managing day-to-day activities, coordinating large events, or responding quickly to emergencies, Procom Radios has the right solution for you. Enhance safety, efficiency, and the overall experience in your leisure centre or sports facility today. 
Contact us now to discuss your needs and find the perfect communication solution for your centre, give us a call on: 01474 322 244 
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