We have a rich history of partnering with numerous Port Authorities, gaining an understanding of the diverse challenges and intricacies involved in port communication. 

We specialise in providing reliable two-way radio communication solutions, tailor-made to address specific requirements in port and marine environments. With a proud service history in the South East, we've proven our commitment to enhancing communication and safety in these vital sectors. 

Two Way Radios for  Ports & Marine 

Two Way Radios for  Ports & Marine 

Customised Two-Way Radio Solutions for Container Operations 

Navigating the multifaceted operations within Port Authorities is no easy task, something we at Procom fully understand. One primary task is transferring containers from ships to the portside, a process that relies heavily on cranes. Crane operators need reliable, voice-operated two-way radios that support hands-free operation and are equipped with noise-cancelling features to mitigate the loud background noise typically associated with ports. 
At Procom, we offer these crucial tools and more. We pride ourselves on supplying customised two-way radio solutions that enhance communication, bolstering safety measures in the workplace. But our commitment doesn't end with provision - we also offer advice on the most efficient communication setups. This ensures that the operations within the port are not only safe but also seamless and coordinated. 
Two-way radios are the lifeblood of effective communication in port environments. They are vital for immediate response during emergencies and ensuring the smooth running of daily activities.  
At Procom our expertise in this field allows us to provide solutions that promote productivity and secure working environments at ports and in any marine environment. 

Two Way Radios Specialised Communication Solutions for Freight Handling 

Two Way Radios for  Specialised Communication Solutions for Freight Handling 

Another aspect of port operations is handling freight arrivals by train. Specialised radio systems are crucial for efficient unloading and shunting processes. These radios simplify the process of unloading and moving freight, making the work more efficient and safer. 
In an environment where time and precision are paramount, two-way radios become an indispensable tool. They allow teams to coordinate quickly, addressing any challenges or changes on the spot. Whether it's redirecting resources to unload a newly arrived freight or responding to unexpected situations, the value of clear, immediate communication cannot be overstated. 
By working closely with our clients, we understand their unique needs and challenges. We use this insight to provide the best two-way radio solution that fits their operations at ports and in marine environments perfectly. So, whether you're overseeing a busy port or managing a sprawling freight yard, trust Procom to equip you with reliable and efficient two-way radio systems tailored to your needs. 
If you have a specific requirement for port or marine radio equipment please get in contact. 

Safe and Legal Communication for Hazardous Goods Management 

Safe and Legal Communication for Hazardous Goods Management 

When it comes to managing hazardous goods like chemicals, fuel, grain, or oil, Intrinsically Safe ATEX radios are a necessity. Our engineers, backed by vast experience with these radios, can provide expert advice on the most appropriate equipment, ensuring operations are carried out safely and legally. We also offer comfortable communication accessories suitable for environments requiring hard hats. 
For docking large container ships and cruise liners, our ship-to-shore marine radios facilitate effective coordination between the ship's captain and port staff. 
Should you have any specific requirements for port or marine radio equipment, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Procom. We are able to provide the best communication solutions tailored to your needs and environment. 

Reliable Communication for Port and Marine Operations 

Reliable Communication for Port and Marine Operations 

Whether it's container handling, freight management, or hazardous goods operations, our expertise can help you achieve safer and more efficient workflows. Procom can help with vital and superior communication solutions that meet your unique needs.  
Call us today to explore the right two-way radio systems for your port and marine operations. 
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