We provide reliable two way radio communication services to a Holiday Parks throughout the Southeast and across the UK  

At Procom, we've been equipping Holiday Parks across the region with state-of-the-art two-way radios for many years. Our experience spans parks of all types, from those with static homes to sites offering touring caravan and camping pitches. It's our expertise and dedication that make us a trusted partner in the holiday park industry. 

Two Way Radios for UK Holiday Parks 

Two Way Radios for  UK Holiday Parks 

Immediate Solutions with Procom's Two-Way Radios 

With Procom's two-way radio systems, maintenance teams can be alerted in seconds to urgent issues, enabling swift responses that ensure the park runs smoothly and guests enjoy a seamless and comfortable stay. 
Two-way radios from Procom bring countless benefits to the daily operations of holiday parks. They are an essential and reliable communication tool for: 
Guest Maintenance 
Ground Staff  
Cleaning Staff 
Main Office Communication  
This comprehensive connectivity keeps everyone in the loop, ensuring the smooth and safe running of your park and making every aspect of operations more efficient and secure. 

Event Support with Hire Radios 

Hosting a big event, such as an outdoor concert?  
Procom can supply additional hire radios to ensure your special events run smoothly. Our radios can significantly enhance the efficiency of day-to-day operations and contribute to the health and safety of staff, guests and visitors to the park. 

Two Way Radios Vital Communication for UK Holiday Parks 

Two Way Radios for  Vital Communication for UK Holiday Parks 

Holiday parks are expansive, often encompassing a wide variety of terrains from open fields to dense woodlands, which presents unique challenges in ensuring effective two-way radio communication. These diverse environments may require specialised solutions. Our latest digital radio technology is built to withstand heavy use and comes with advanced features like Lone Worker and Man Down alerts. Plus, for areas where discretion is key or noise levels are high, we offer radios with earpieces featuring noise cancellation to ensure crystal clear communication at all times. 
Do you have a swimming pool? No problem. With years of experience in providing communication solutions for holiday parks, we recommend the Entel DX4 range for poolside use. These radios are not only submersible, making them ideal for lifeguards, but they've also proven to be the best choice for such demanding environments. 
Contact us to find out how we can help you. 

Holiday Parks Two Way Radio  Why Choose Procom? 

Holiday Parks Two Way Radio Why Choose Procom? 

Expertise and Experience 
With years of service providing two-way radios to holiday parks across the UK, including renowned destinations like Haven Holiday Parks, Procom has a proven track record. We understand the unique challenges and needs of holiday parks, ensuring you receive the most effective communication solutions. 
Tailored Solutions 
Recognising that no two holiday parks are the same, we offer customised communication strategies. Whether you have static homes, touring caravan pitches, or camping areas, our solutions are designed to meet your specific operational needs. 
Advanced Technology 
Our selection of two-way radios includes the latest in digital radio technology, equipped with features such as Lone Worker, Man Down alerts, and noise cancellation. For specialized environments like swimming pools, we recommend the Entel DX4 range, known for its durability and submersibility, ideal for lifeguard use. 
Event Support  
Beyond day-to-day operations, Procom can enhance your event capabilities with additional hire radios. This flexibility ensures you're always prepared for special events, from outdoor concerts to large gatherings, enhancing both safety and operational efficiency. 
Comprehensive Connectivity 
Our two-way radios ensure that everyone from Guest Maintenance to Security and Cleaning Staff is connected, facilitating seamless operations and a safe, enjoyable environment for your guests. 
Dedicated Support 
We provide dedicated ongoing support to ensure your systems are always functioning optimally. From on-site support to maintenance and training, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. 

Reliable UK Holiday Park Two Way Radio Solutions 

Reliable UK Holiday Park Two Way Radio Solutions 

For reliable, efficient, and tailored two-way radio communication solutions that elevate the guest experience and streamline your operations, Procom is your partner of choice. 
Want to explore how we can transform communication in your holiday park? Get in touch today and let's discuss the perfect solution for you. 
To discuss your unique needs and find the ideal radio solution, give us a call on: 01474 322 244 
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