Procom Communication Services has developed a strong passion for supplying custom radio communication systems specifically designed for many of the South East of England's historic buildings, which are located on our nation's heritage sites. 

Two Way Radios for Heritage Sites 

Two Way Radios for  Heritage Sites 

For Reliable Communication Between Staff 

Two way radios can serve numerous purposes at heritage sites. They can facilitate communication between various points, like the ticket counter and the administrative office, or between different personnel, from groundskeepers to administrative staff.  
They are useful in managing car parking, security, conducting guided tours, and handling emergency evacuations. Additionally, radios can be integrated with gate entry systems and fire alarm panels.  
They come equipped with features like "Man Down" and "Lone Worker", which ensure the safety of individuals who might work at some distance from the main building, including gardeners and maintenance workers. This brings a sense of security and peace of mind. 
Radios are not only beneficial for their diverse functionalities but also for their superior connectivity, reliability, and sound clarity. These devices provide seamless and uninterrupted communication, which is crucial when handling operations at heritage sites. The strength and stability of their signal ensure reliable communication in every corner of the site, bridging distances between the main building and remote locations, which is crucial for managing large heritage sites. 

Two Way Radios for  Overcoming Communication Challenges in Heritage Sites 

Two Way Radios for  Overcoming Communication Challenges in Heritage Sites 

We have established strong collaborations with numerous National Trust properties in the South East that are accessible to the public. One of the significant challenges we face involves ensuring that antennas and radio cabinets are unobtrusive and blend seamlessly with their surroundings. The robustness of castles and other historic buildings, constructed to stand the test of centuries, often presents us with literal brick-wall obstacles. 
However, we thrive on these challenges. With the ceaseless advancements in two way radio technology and communication, we can provide a variety of innovative solutions to circumvent these complications. Our commitment to overcoming these unique challenges enables us to preserve the integrity of these sites whilst enhancing their communication systems. 
Contact us to find out how we can help you. 

Two Way Radio  Event Support in Historic Settings 

Two Way Radios  Event Support in Historic Settings 

Procom boasts an extensive Hire Fleet and offers radio equipment for rental during special occasions such as Summer Concerts, Craft Fairs, Shows, and not forgetting Firework Displays. These rental radios can be temporarily integrated into any existing system or configured to operate independently. 
With extensive experience navigating the unique challenges of older structures, we pride ourselves on delivering superior communication solutions that respect and work within the boundaries of listed building regulations. To discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us. 

Get in Touch 

Get in Touch 

If you are looking to enhance your communication system within your heritage site or planning to host an event at a historical location? Contact us today at Procom Communication Services, we specialise in providing reliable, professional two-way radio systems tailored to respect and accommodate the unique demands of heritage sites 
Let's discuss your unique needs and find the perfect radio solution for you. Call us on 01474 322 244 
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