Enhancing Safety in Towns & Cities with Town Safe Systems 

At Procom, we're committed to enhancing safety in towns, cities, and shopping centres throughout Kent. Our Shopwatch and Town Safe Systems, including implementations like Gravesend’s G-Safe and Bexley's Townsafe, provide retail establishments with an efficient tool for reporting incidents like shoplifting or suspicious activities. With a direct line to local police, our radio systems are an essential component of public safety initiatives in town centres. 

Trusted Safety Solutions for Towns & Cities across the South East 

Trusted Safety Solutions for Towns & Cities across the South East 

Procom's Town Safe Systems are designed to reduce retail crime and anti-social behaviour in our town centres, shopping malls or pubs. Procom has successfully implemented Town Safe systems across Kent, London and the South East. 

Promoting Safer Communities 

By equipping shopkeepers, public house landlords, security guards, and staff with portable radios, we establish an instant line of communication when needed, linking directly to CCTV control rooms and patrolling officers. This immediate communication is crucial in sharing information about potential threats or disruptive individuals, thus enabling preventive action instead of merely reacting to incidents. 

Safer Shopping 

Town Safe systems are beneficial in diverse settings, from quaint villages like Bexley in Kent and busy high streets such as Gravesend to sprawling shopping centres like Bluewater and industrial estates. Combined with CCTV, our systems allow control room staff to be alerted promptly and direct their CCTV cameras to areas of concern, enhancing the chances of successful prosecution in the event of a crime. 

Town Safe is available for various retails areas including: 

Town Centre Shops 
Village Shops 
Shopping Malls 
Industrial Estates 
Security Services 

Town Safe Systems for  Hospitality 

Town Safe Systems for Hospitality 

Promoting Safety in Hospitality: Pubs, Nightclubs, and Restaurants 
Our Town Safe Systems serve as a valuable resource not only for retail but also for the hospitality sector including pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants located in town centres. These establishments, often bustling with activity, require a robust, efficient means of communication to ensure smooth operations and a secure environment. 
Through such integrated communication networks, Town Safe Systems help establishments effectively manage daily operations, coordinate quick responses during emergencies, and maintain a safer environment. This, in turn, leads to increased customer confidence and a more enjoyable, secure atmosphere. 
With Procom's Town Safe Systems, hospitality venues can focus on providing outstanding service, confident in the knowledge that they are backed by a reliable and secure communication network. 

With Procom's Town Safe systems, you can expect: 

With Procom's Town Safe systems, you can expect: 

Reduced Crime Rates 
Increased Staff Confidence 
Improved Operational Efficiency 
Instant Communication Capabilities 
High-Quality, Professional Equipment 
Emergency Panic Button Feature 
Caller Identification 
Full Licensing by Ofcom 
Fixed Monthly Cost 
Prompt Replacement of Faulty Radios 
Our fully licensed town safe solutions provide peace of mind, knowing that shoppers and retail owners are as protected as possible. 

Get in Touch 

Get in Touch 

Town Safe systems are proven to reduce crime rates, maintain safety and increase staff confidence. Equipped with high-grade devices and features including immediate communication, caller identification, and emergency alerts, our solutions are fully licensed and provide a reliable solution. Contact us to discover more about our bespoke town & city safety solutions. 
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