The HR655 10W IP67 variant is the perfect solution for outdoor and portable communication needs, making it well-suited for outdoor events, search and rescue, and other on-the-go applications. With its lightweight design and rugged IP67 rating, you can carry it anywhere without worrying about damage from dust or water. 


Radio waves travel in straight lines. They can go around or through obstacles but quite often this affects the strength and clarity of the signal. When you are operating a radio system in an area which is built-up, hilly or mountainous -- this can cause significant problems. Even wide and flat environments can weaken the radio signal over long distances. Or worse, signal can be lost! So what is the solution? The solution is a repeater!. 


A Radio repeater (or base station) is used in two way radio communication to enhance radio signal in built-up environments or over wide areas. A radio repeater is a piece of equipment which combines radio receiver technology and radio transmitter technology in one device. Therefore, it is a radio transceiver and radio transmitter at the same time. Digital radio repeaters can be linked together (using IP technology) so that multiple sites can be connected with each other.. 


Modern day buildings consisting of thick glass, steel structures, LED lighting and high occupancy levels will often cause signal issues for radios being used in ‘simplex’ mode (back to back with no system) are easily lost. To overcome this common scenario a repeater re-transmits the signal at a higher power so it can cover greater distances. 

FEATURES: The Hytera HR655 

Introducing the Hytera HR655, the next generation compact DMR repeater that enhances the communication range of your DMR radios. Choose between the 25W IP54 model for indoor installations or the 10W IP67 model for outdoor/portable applications. With its lightweight design and flexible mounting options, it's perfect for any on-site installation condition. The HR655 is an ideal choice for various settings, including hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, industrial parks, and more, providing seamless communication connections wherever you need them. 
The Hytera HR655 DMR repeater is more than just a reliable communication solution. It's a versatile and powerful tool that can adapt to a wide range of situations and applications. With its flexible mounting options and compact design, the HR655 can be installed in even the most challenging environments, providing seamless communication connections wherever you need them. Its support for digital and analog modes and intelligent audio features ensure clear and reliable communication, even in noisy or challenging environments. And with the ability to link up to 15 repeaters, the HR655 can create a large-scale communication network that covers a wide area. Whether you need to communicate in a hotel, office building, or industrial park, the Hytera HR655 DMR repeater is the ideal choice. 
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